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Sweet Heavens! Miss Jones Debuts Organic Frostings and Baking Mixes

Photos: Miss Jones

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What do you get when you mix a passion for baking with a commitment to organic deliciousness? Why, Miss Jones' 100 percent organic ready-to-use frostings and baking mixes, of course!

First off, we heart the candy-colored packaging. (Finally, a jar of frosting that's chic enough to 'gram!) And when we took the Vanilla Cake Mix and Vanilla Frosting for a test run using the San Francisco-based company's Bacon and Beer Cupcakes recipe (yes, you read right), we were sold—for life.

Miss Jones hits shelves nationwide on Tuesday, December 1st. Retailers include  Whole Foods, Safeway and Wegman's (hello, East-Coasters). From now on, we're saying no to the GRAG (generally recognized as gross) ingredients found in conventional baking products, and hellz yeah to all-natural homemade treats.

Our parting words: Go for  the vanilla and chocolate, turn on the holiday hip-hop ("Ludacrismis," anyone?) and get down to some sweet 'n' wholesome business.