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Bye-Bye Clutter! Lighten Your Load With New On-Demand Storage App

Photo: Omni

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Anyone else overwhelmed by her hoarder-like SF studio? (We get it, like, where are you supposed to put all your stuff in 500 square feet?) Luckily, here's Omni to the rescue. The brand-new app makes the whole personal storage thing easy and, dare we say, kinda life changing.

Just launched yesterday, Omni, available on iOS, provides on-demand concierge-style service to San Franciscans. The local company—co-founded by CEO Tom McLeod after his own cross-country move and a less-than-satisfying storage experience—is all about helping people reclaim space in their homes while still giving them the ability to see their things and retrieve them on a whim.

"We wanted to create a service that not only takes care of the hassle of storage, but...eliminates the permanent black hole for my stuff essence that's inherent in most storage situations," explains McLeod. Omni turns your belongings into an easy-to-use smart closet that you can manage from your phone, he adds.

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  • Schedule a day and time for an Omni concierge to pick up your items.  You don't have to pack anything, as the concierge comes with transport bags.
  • Items are taken to Omni's secure storage facility, where every item is photographed and catalogued.
  • From the app, you can view and make notes for individual items and organize/sort as you like (by name, category,or favorites).
  • Want one of your items back? Just check out, and the item will arrive at your door within two hours.

As for pricing, things are pretty simple: 25 cents per item per month for standard-size items, while packed containers (not itemized) are $5 per box, monthly.  Pick-ups are free and so is your first checkout. Get more details.

Won't it be nice to see your floors again?