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Voila! Our Balmain x H&M Hit List (With SF Babes in Mind)

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We were a little hesitant to put our deepest Balmain x H&M desires out there for obvious selfish reasons. But, alas, for the greater good (i.e. your closet's chic factor), we decided to go for it.

Just a reminder, the hotly anticipated collab launches tomorrow at 8am. (Get the full download on where and how to shop local stores here.)

With more than 100 pieces in the collection, whittling down our top picks was no easy task. In the end, we decided to focus on versatile and wearable pieces that will work with any regular San Francisco's girl's wardrobe. Not all of us live the glam life of a Kendall or Gigi (sigh).

Given there's only 15 minutes to shop, tough choices needed to be made. View the gallery above (with prices) to see where we landed. Of course, we have backups just in case—we're keeping them close to the vest for now.

And make sure to check back in the early, early morn as we'll be covering the local H&M store scene l-i-v-e.