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Join the Bay Club, Get a Happy-Jolly-Kick-Ass Gift

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The Bay Club is most definitely in the holiday spirit: Join any of the Bay Area's five fitness campuses now through Sunday, December 27th and you'll get an awesome special offer. We're not just talking about a free water bottle or tee shirt here—the 12 Days of Happy campaign is truly joy inducing.

Take a look at this list and get a jump on all the new-year's-resolution-ers sure to be flooding the clubs come January 2nd. (You know who you are.)

  • December 10th: Join and get a free year of locker and laundry service.
  • December 12th: Join and get a season pass to Squaw Valley.
  • December 13th: Join and get a shopping spree of up to $500.
  • December 15th: Join and get up to five sessions with a personal trainer.
  • December 16th: Join and get dinner for four and a bottle of wine at 77 Social Club.
  • December 17th: Join and get up to five private Pilates sessions.
  • December 19th: Join and get up to five private tennis lessons.
  • December 21st: Join and get a one-month-unlimited smoothie pass.
  • December 27th: Join and get a surprise gift.

Wow! If these enticements don't get the couch-iest of potatoes on the treadmill, we're not sure what will.

The Bay Club has locations in San Francisco, Marin, Silicon Valley, Redwood Shores and Los Gatos.

P.S. If you're counting, the promotion also included offers on December 7th, 8th and 9th.