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Deck the Halls With a DIY Garland

Photos: Farmgirl Flowers

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So your drink recipes are on point, and you'll be setting the table with a spread to remember. The only thing you might be missing? A holiday centerpiece from San Francisco's very own farm-to-vase flower company Farmgirl Flowers.

The ethically sourced, 100 percent seasonal Garland Kit arrives in an adorbs bushel basket with easy-peasy instructions to assemble your schwag. Work your magic with the three-foot pre-assembled table garland, 12 stems of lovely winter flowers and foliage, plus delish edibles. (How perfect are those ruby-red pomegranates?)

If you're curious about exactly what's blooming before your eyes, check out Farmgirl's spiffy What's In Season page to get the scentsational lowdown on American-grown roses, snapdragons, protea and more.

Farmgirl ships nationwide, but these special holiday pups are only available in the Bay Area (lucky you!). Get them—€”and gift them, we say. Throw in a Bestie Box chockfull of local treats (we promise not to tell if you secretly order one for yourself), and let the merriment begin!