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Jenna Lyons plays editor on <i>Girls</i>.
Jenna Lyons plays editor on Girls.
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn for HBO

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How to Gift Like a Fashion Editor? Hijack Our Holiday Wish List

Let’s get this out of the way right here in the first sentence: Yes, this really is our personal holiday wish list. We truly want all this stuff and hope to get some or all of it, which is why we just forwarded this post to our entire gifting circle. But decidedly selfish reasons aside, this collection of our favorite things is meant for you. Use it as a guide when holiday shopping for all the fashion girls, cool girls and good ol’ girls in your life.

We’re absolutely certain these picks —coziest of cover-ups to hipper-than-thou clutches —will bring J-O-Y to her world. Granted, as the 10 gifts we selected are editor essentials, those who fancy themselves the next Miranda Priestly or Jenna Lyons (as Jenna Lyons or as onetime GQ editor Janice and boss to Hannah Horvath in Girls) will be particularly psyched.

A few more things to note: Everything on our list is from a San Francisco biz. And prices are more than reasonable, as we don't want our family and friends to blow their holiday budgets on little ol' us. Also letting you in on an editor's secret—you don’t have to spend a lot of money as long as it looks as if you did.

Now, lovely gifters, secure your messy bun with a pencil, slip on your nerd glasses and shop like a fashion Racked editor. Without further ado (and in no particular order), here's what we really, really want...

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1. Pretty and Portable Hydration

Bkr Teeny Elle, $28

Drinking water throughout the day (in between rounds of Sightglass almond-milk lattes) is crucial for every girl. Bkr's eco-friendly glass H20 bottles are the perfect chic vessels for flaunting at the office, gym or anywhere. And they're available in three sizes, and a panoply of colors. We're thirsting for the 500-ml Gigi Heart, but you can't go wrong with any Bkr. Cheers to that.

2. A Signature Scent

Pinrose Sampler Travel Fragrance Pack, $24

Things don't get much more personal than fragrance. Indeed, one woman's pleasure is another's poison. That's why Pinrose is so brilliant. By answering a series of sense-based questions, a customized scent is instantly recommended. Unless you know your giftee's "prescription," buy the Sampler Travel Fragrance Pack, which comes with all 20 scents in the collection inside a super-cool iridescent travel pouch. We're currently obsessed with Cuddle Punk (hint hint).

3. Desk-to-Dinner Danglers

Salty Fox Capri Earrings, $58.

As far as we're concerned, earrings can make or break an outfit. In the case of Salty Fox's Capri Earrings, it's the former of course. The brass triangles hang from rugged pyrite cubes and have 22k gold-plated hooks. These modern danglers make the grade for work, play and mistletoe-ing (xoxo).

4. A Pouch With Punch

Molly M Designs gold metallic pouch, $104.

From teensy cases to triangular pouches and wristlets, Molly M Designs' laser-etched and cut-leather accessories are beyond fashion-editor worthy. They have street cred, too—being that they're made in the Mission District. It's the stunning metallic Pouch 14 with antique brass hardware that's captured our heart. A little baby card case (Pouch 2) would make a nice companion. Just sayin'.

5. #GIRLBOSS Glasses

Zenni Optical's Stinson frames, $35.95.

The windows to the soul take on a powerful vibe when framed in smart eyewear. From oversized geek-chic to cat-eye styles (meow!), nothing transforms like a pair of glasses. (Why do you think 20/20 types are so eager to sport them?) We say eye do to the new North Coast Collection from online eyewear retailer Zenni Optical. Inspired by the natural beauty of Northern Cali, all 12 styles are keepers. Buy her an e-gift certificate (available in amounts from $10 to $1,000) and let her choose.

6. An OMFG! Statement Clutch

Larissa Hadijo Tonie the Shrimp clutch, $303.

We first spied Larissa Hadijo accessories at the recent West Coast Craft at Fort Mason. The London San Francisco-based designer immediately wowed us—especially with its quirky and  playful sea creatures like the leather Tonie the Shrimp clutch and this crab-shaped Daja (water-snake leather) fanny pack. Perfect for the girl who dresses to her own beat. We have no doubt Carrie Bradshaw would die, just die.

7. An Everlasting Cherry Pucker

Elizabeth Street Cosmetics Street Stick, $24.

Whether she changes her lip color more often than Kylie Kardashian (oy!) or is a Chapstick-only type, there are times when nothing but a red pout will do. Elizabeth Street Cosmetics, a strictly lips brand with products named after San Francisco streets, is what we reach for—and can't get enough of. A few reds that will brighten most complexions include Powell and Stockton Street Sticks; and for glossy girls, we like Maiden Lane Street Gloss. Or, just buy a gift certificate, available in amounts of $25 to $250.

8. Candles With Class

Elizabeth W Tuberose candle, $30.

Who doesn't love the smell of sugary vanilla baked goods? Yeah, we're all in—when we're actually baking. But, alas, when it comes to our candles, we prefer sophisticated and a smidge sexy. Elizabeth W's artisanal, small-batch scents are an absolute must. They're hand-poured and made from 100 percent renewable soy wax. Hands down, Tuberose reigns supreme on our mantle, with Cucumber and Orange Flower & Chamomile a close second and third. Go for the large 8oz-er for optimum flickerage.

9.  Chic Cover

Modern Citizen Octavia Blanket Sweater Coat, $85

Everyone knows layers are an essential way of dressing in SFlandia. Of course, for fashion girls, not just any cardi or cape will do. Fabulousness, comfort and versatility are key. Enter the multitasking Octavia Blanket Sweater Coat from Modern Citizen. Made of a nubby knit with clean and structured lines, we (and she) will wear this all the time. It comes in black, but we're all about the grey... it's just as neutral and more modern.

10. Required Reading

McSweeney's This Bridge Will Not Be Gray$15.

It matters not if one has actual progeny to desire the latest children's It book. Precisely why Dave Eggers' "This Bridge Will Not Be Gray" is bound to bring smiles all around. We SF-ers love our Golden Gate Bridge, and this sweet read, featuring colorful illustrations by Tucker Nichols, explores how the span wound up with its unique gold International Orange hue. (We'll be bringing our copy to the office for creative inspiration and to help ward off writer's block.)