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Blimey! Rotten Roach Crosses the Pond

Photo: Rotten Roach

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OK, maybe we're a touch less excited than if Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte were visiting. But the arrival of the UK-based fashion label Rotten Roach is still cause for excitement. While the luxe tee collection first hit the scene last year—€”most famously when Kate Moss sported the memorable Up All Night shirt—it's only now hitting the colonies America.

The current collection of conversation-starting graphic tees includes: Room Service, Upgrade Please, Ask Nicely, Kiss Me or Kill Me, Love Bug, Favourite Child and, yes, Up All Night. Made of linen or Viscose, the tops range in price from $107 to $114.

So where can you purchase RR? At Pac Heights' Curve (2360 Fillmore Street) or online at

Bug out, girl.


2360 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 885-4200