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Let Us Loop You Into Loop: Gifting Perfection Guaranteed

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Thanks to Loop you can finally say sayonara to sending the wrong size in the wrong color to the wrong address. Or the wrong gift altogether. (And sometimes a gift card just doesn't cut it.)

Here's how it works: You head to via computer, tablet or mobile device and shop a curated selection of gifts from lotsa brands and retailers, including Macy's, Gap, eBay, Sephora, Best Buy, JCPenney, Hyatt, Brookstone, Sports Authority and more. Once you've purchased a gift, the recipient receives an email with a link to it that allows her to accept as is, select a different size or shade—or choose something else from any of the stores or brands in the Loop network. And all this happens before that sweater or scarf has ever left the building, which means no annoying returns for your loved ones and they get exactly what they want.

If all this ain't merry making, we don't know what is. Now, procrastinators, get gifting.