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What to Do for National Cookie Day? Feast on 25-Cent Nom Noms, Yo

Photo: Deb Lindsey via Getty Images

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License to gobble sweet orbs of sugar and flour and chocolate, anyone? It's National Cookie Day so consider it your duty to stuff yer face with any and all cookies you can get your paws on. We know just where to go for some delish, freshly baked CCCs (chocolate chip cookies): Whole Foods Market. All locations will be serving up the treats for $0.25 through Tuesday, December 8th, in honor of this special day.

For those who care obsess about ingredients, Whole Foods' cookies are made with cage-free eggs, natural butters and high-quality unbleached, unbromated flour. And according to the Austin-based company: "Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated fats are never allowed in any of the products sold at Whole Foods Market."

See? They're healthy.

It should be noted, however, that there is one serious glitch with this whole dealio: There's a three-cookie limit per customer. Hrmph.

P.S. Find your nearest Whole Foods store here.