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Eight Insanely Cool Gift Ideas for the Tech-Obsessed

Photo: Kim Lucian

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Holiday crunch time is here (how did that happen?), and you've got to get the rest of your shopping list squared away. Finding the perfect gifts for the tech-obsessed ladies in your life can be challenging: What do you buy for the girl who already has an Apple Watch and Roku? We have some brilliant ideas, and they're sure to be a hit with your favorite geeks. Voilà...

  1. Wearhaus Arc headphones

    Instead of relying on headphones to block the world out, splurge on headphones to help people connect. The Arc, from Berkeley-based Wearhaus, is Bluetooth-enabled and allows the user to wirelessly sync music with multiple nearby friends. (Plus, the LED lights on the side look hella rad.)


  2. Rebecca Minkoff x Case Mate lightning cable bracelet

    No more searching for a lightning wire at the bottom of her cavernous bag. The next time your gal pal's phone gets down to 17 percent power, she can reach for this handy bracelet charger. The leather and gold design is so chic, no one will ever guess that it’s wearable tech.


  3. Bellabeat Leaf activity tracker

    Yes, there are a zillion health trackers on the market now, but Bellabeat’s Leaf tracks your vitals and helps you cope with stress through built-in breathing exercises. (Bonus: the metal-meets-wood design is a lot prettier than your average black-rubber-wrist-strap tracker.)


  4. TrackR Bravo Bluetooth device

    The perfect gift for forgetful folks who love tech. Attach the device to your wallet, keys, or even a pet. Within a 100-foot range, the TrackR app uses Bluetooth to show you on your phone whether you’re getting closer to, or further from, the device. If you know someone who loses stuff all the time, get her a TrackR Bravo. Better yet, get her a few.


  5. Stelle audio pillar

    Yes, it’s pricey, but how often do you find a tech gift that’s this beautiful? Stelle’s audio pillar looks like a minimalist objet d’art, but it can play all your favorite tunes. It’s available in multiple metallic colors and wood grains, so you can totally color coordinate it with the decor.


  6. Hiku grocery scanner

    For anyone who accidentally deletes her grocery list from her phone as soon as she arrives at Whole Foods, Hiku is a shopping savior. Using a barcode scanner (or your voice,) it lets you plan your grocery run in a handy app without writing or thumb-typing. The hockey-puck-sized device magnetically sticks to your fridge, so it’s easily accessible for scanning the items you need to replenish before recycling the empty packaging.


  7. Moschino iPhone 6/6s case

    For the fashionphile who’s obsessed with Jeremy Scott’s outrageous branded collections for Moschino, you can’t go wrong with the spray bottle iPhone 6 case. No, it won’t fit in a micro crossbody or a clutch, but that’s the point: this case begs to be seen.


  8. Sensoria smart socks bundle

    For the avid runner, smart socks open up a whole new world of exercise information. Unlike wrist-based step trackers, these Sensoria socks track steps, speed, calories, altitude and distance, as well as cadence and foot-landing technique. They’re loaded with sensors that interact with the ankle-based tracker, but they’re still machine washable. The drawback? They don’t come in a low profile version; but in data-obsessed SF, who cares?