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What Not to Wear: San Francisco Motorcycle Gang Edition

In a city where anything goes in fashion, this may be the last clique with standards.


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Aleks Grippo founded Moto Girls —a San Francisco motorcycle club for women— to unite female riders. "The Moto Girls have a rule that you have to go at least the speed limit. When I ride with guys, it's every man for himself," she tells San Francisco magazine.

Moto Girls are "moms, doctors, and teachers" ranging in age from 25 to 70, and the gang is happy to mentor new riders and passersby— even on fashion decisions. Grippo tells the mag that the group blew a guy's mind when they made a coffee stop without purses, and they saved one rider from the horror of ugly footwear. "One girl showed up to a ride in Ugg boots," Grippo recalls. "We were all like, ‘Are you crazy?!'"

According to the Moto Girls Meetup page, there are 215 active members in the pack. While membership is limited to women, men may join for rides if they are accompanied by a woman. For a full range of looks appropriate to ride with the gang, check out the SF Mag profile here.