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Your Daily Wardrobe Decisions Just Became More Complicated

Bringing new meaning to the words "We found love in a hopeless place."


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The N-Judah has many faults. As the most-heavily trafficked Muni route in the city, the over-crowded trains on the central path through San Francisco will leave you behind when you need them most. But the sheer number of riders on the line also means that you have better odds of bumping into your soulmate between Ocean Beach and SoMa.

With that optimism in mind, Alex Lee created We Met on the N, a site The Bold Italic describes as "the Missed Connections Muni website of your dreams". The premise is pretty straightforward: Riders post a who/what/when/where/wear description of the object of their attention, along with a description of themselves.

If you're thinking of posting or hoping to catch another N-passenger's attention, it's time to up your style game. After all, readers are likely to identify as the "super well-dressed guy" wearing "a bomber jacket, light blue button down, and striped tie" or the blonde in the red leather jacket and black pants, but probably not as the person "wearing socks".

Even if you're not looking for love in two cars or less, this Missed Connections microsite should make morning commute people watching more interesting. As We Met on the N reminds us, the Judah has "Forty-thousand daily riders. But it only takes two."