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Invite a Manicurist to Your Office Like a Total Baller

A new service in San Francisco will hook you up with a 15-minute manicure at your desk.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

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After successful launches in New York, Boston, and Chicago, in-office manicure service Manicube is gambling on the West Coast with a San Francisco expansion. The company —founded in 2012 by Harvard Business School alum Katina Mountanos and Liz Whitman— promises to save women from the hassle of rushing to the nail salon for weekly manicures by sending licensed nail technicians straight to clients. Like all your favorite services, Manicube is completely cashless. Clients can pay online when ordering a service, or on the spot with a credit card.

If you're not the only person in your office who wants a mid-day mani, the business also makes corporate sign-up and weekly visits pretty seamless for HR. (Companies have the option to subsidize the service for their employees, which sounds so much better than the standard startup foosball table perk.) And if you're worried about stinky nail polish fumes, don't be: Manicube nail techs use scented oils to cut the smell of acetone remover and bring all-natural, odor-eliminating crystals to eradicate the polish stench.

Manicube is already in soft-launch mode with San Francisco businesses, and will be available to the masses starting February 19th.