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The Next Generation of Barbies Can Talk

Mattel is adding tech to the toys


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Barbie has big plans to reclaim her throne in every girl's toy closet. The Mattel doll's sales have declined over the last three years. Before the toy giant throws in the towel for its iconic, blonde-haired beauty, it's going to try another tactic: tech. In collaboration with SF-based startup Toy Talk, Mattel has revealed "Hello Barbie," a talking Barbie that's often requested by young girls, Fortune reports.

In a sense, adding interactive tech to the dolls is a belated move to catch up to the smartphone games that have replaced the desire to play with physical toys. The ability to carry on a conversation with questions and comments that reference the child's prior interests make this Barbie the most compelling yet. Look for her release later this year with a price tag around $75. For those looking for a doll that represents more diversity, Mattel has plans to change the outside of the dolls as much as their insides.