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Can You Out-Move Erin Heatherton and Hilary Rhoda?

Fitbit's celebrity challenges let you virtually compete with supermodels and athletes

Erin Heatherton for Victoria's Secret
Erin Heatherton for Victoria's Secret

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Last year, San Francisco-based FitBit launched a new challenge function within its step-tracker app, giving users the chance to compete with friends or foes. Now the company is adding star power to the mini-contests, pitting boldface names against one another in a series of celebrity challenges. And since it's Fashion Week, we obviously need a pair of models to battle it out in a walk-off. Enter, Hilary Rhoda and Erin Heatherton.

The concept is straightforward: two celebrities face off for friendly competition in a week-long Fitbit Challenge to see who can get more steps in five days. Fans can follow along on both the Fitbit website and social media (with #FitbitCelebChallenges). If you feel particularly committed to a contender, you can make a $1 charitable donation that will add 10 steps to her overall count. For every challenge, Fitbit will donate an additional $10,000 to the American Heart Association in the name of the celebrity winner.

Erin and Hilary are currently sweating it out until February 20th; the winner will be announced on February 21st. (Today, Hilary's ahead.) If models aren't your thing, Giants outfielder Hunter Pence will go toe-to-toe Miami Marlins infielder Dee Gordon next week. And while you can't directly engage the challengers through Fitbit, no one's going to stop you from bragging about your superior step count on Twitter.