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If You Need to Wear Shiny Leggings, These Are a Solid Option

The understated disco legging of your dreams is close to becoming a reality.


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Let's talk about shiny leggings for a moment. They're not particularly flattering. They could blind someone when reflecting oncoming headlights at night. And laundering? It's a bit of a pain. Shiny leggings rarely offer the breathability you want in a workout pant, and they're a little too crazy pants for most daytime looks. Yet there's something appealing about them, right?

As Selena Gomez so succinctly phrased it, the heart wants what it wants. So if your heart longs for disco leggings, check out this new design from the Betabrand Think Tank. The Ferrofluid Disco Leggings are made from Betabrand's shimmering black disconium fabric, a machine-washable poly-spandex blend. Though the regular, $68 price tag won't break the bank, you can pre-order them now during the crowdfunding phase for only $57.80. With 16 days left, it looks like this design will reach its fundraising goal. Order now, and shine bright like a diamond in a matter of months.