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Chubbies Rewarding Short-Sightedness With Bacon, Massages

Short story: This San Francisco brand hates pants

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

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After a successful holiday pop-up in the Marina last year, the crew at Chubbies has decided that there's no reason the fun should ever stop. And so the brand known for its commitment to shorts and Magnum P.I. shirts is making its Marina address official with a grand reopening party tonight, February 19th, at 1980 Union Street. Starting at 5pm, you can peruse the company's casual lifestyle apparel while noshing on bacon.

Since we're talking about Chubbies, you know there must be some kind of quirky party twist beyond the standard food and booze. Tonight, the twist is free thigh massages. Yes, thigh massages. Show up this evening wearing your Chubbies (or buy a pair at the store) and —starting at 6pm— a masseuse will be on-site to work the tension out of your thighs. With proper scheduling, you could swing both happy hour next door at Marengo and a thigh massage.

Shorts, bacon, and a massage: This is the Marina bros' version of heaven.


1980 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA