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Springing into 2015: Burn Lives Up to Its Name

Lisa Corsello (bottom left) with some of Saturday's Racked Fit Club participants.
Lisa Corsello (bottom left) with some of Saturday's Racked Fit Club participants.

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"Have you been to the tour in the Armory? They have a contraption that looks a lot like this." Those were the first words we heard from one of the participants at Saturday's Racked Fit Club at Burn. The contraption in question was the Pilates springboard, and yes, the crew at Burn has heard that comment more than once. But our hour-long workout strapped to these things was legit. Studio founder Lisa Corsello put us through the paces as we jogged, jumped, sprinted and pressed our way to long, lean muscles. Thanks to the small class size —Burn's Broadway studio has space for 16 students— Lisa was able to give each attendee corrections to optimize the workout. With all that personal attention, everyone's thighs should be sore for days.

After the class, we had a few minutes to hang out with Lisa and company while chugging coconut water from Zico. (Their chocolate flavor, by the way, actually tastes like chocolate milk.) During our chill time, Lisa told us that Burn is opening new locations in Hayes Valley and Oakland this spring. If you're curious about the cardio-Pilates hybrid that all your friends have been talking about, there will soon be five locations where you can feel the burn. And don't let that S&M looking springboard deter you. Everyone survived the Racked Fit Club, and there was nothing even slightly Fifty Shades about the experience.

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