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Stock Up on Lint Rollers and Give San Francisco's Dog Rental Service a Try

A new service will set you up on a four-hour playdate with a friendly shelter dog

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While you're waiting for our city's first cat cafe to open, there's a new way to get your four-legged friend fix. Dogo is a service that works with local shelters "to connect dog-loving people with people-loving dogs in need." It's a strategy that benefits both the dogs and the humans: People enjoy canine companionship without a long-term adoption commitment, and shelter dogs get fresh air and socialization. (If they happen to find a forever home in the process, all the better.)

To get started, you'll need to take an intro to pet parenting class with Family Dog Rescue. Orientation is about two hours, and it includes a supervised walk. (It's not a chore if you can play with puppies, right?)  Once you're set up, you can take your rental dog out for four hours at a time to pretty much any place that allows dog, according to The Bold Italic. Just make the dog's wellbeing is a priority. The "rental" is free, but you'll probably want to buy a lint roller and a chew toy before your first outing.