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How a 426-Square-Foot Cottage Became a Family Home for Three; Tracking the Remnants of the 1915 World's Fair

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Lamar Anderson shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

Patricia Chang

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BERNAL HEIGHTS—With some inspired renovations and the creative use of a set of houseboat stairs, what began life as a 426-square-foot cottage has evolved into a supercute family home for three.

BAY AREA—Today marks the centennial of the San Francisco world's fair, so we tracked down the remnants of 1915's pop-up metropolis that survive to this day.

YERBA BUENA—This was the week that Richard Serra's 214-ton steel sculpture arrived at SFMOMA, and we watched as crews just casually slid it all over the place.

SAN FRANCISCO—The golden age of aviation meets the golden age of graphic design in this awesome set of vintage airline travel posters.

OAKLAND—Rents continue to rise fast in San Francisco, but they're rising even faster in Oakland, where the rate of increase is the second highest in the nation.

SAN FRANCISCO—Here's what $2,300/month rents you around town.

NOVATO—Designed by "the Frank Lloyd Wright of Novato," this saucer-shaped house on a pedestal can rotate up to 320 degrees. And now you can rent it for $3,000/month.

BAY AREA—Call for entries! For our new home tours series House Calls, we're seeking volunteers with offbeat, curious, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us into their homes for a tour and a photo shoot.