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Local Researchers Officially Conclude That Marina Girls Live in Yoga Pants

Eventbrite surveyed five iconic neighborhoods to find where people are binge-watching TV shows in yoga pants


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House of Cards returns to Netflix on Friday, so the sunshine in this weekend's forecast will be wasted on San Franciscans who stay camped inside their homes dissecting Frank and Claire Underwood's latest antics. But the House of Cards binge is a brief, annual indulgence. According to Eventbrite, lots of locals camp on their couches year round.

Eventbrite researches surveyed more than 400 residents in the Sunset, Marina, North Beach, Haight Ashbury, and the Mission about how much TV they watched, how much time they spent in loungewear (i.e., pajamas and yoga pants), and how many times they ordered takeout. The company used those indicators to assess how the neighborhoods stack up in terms of "couch potatoism."

According to the study, the Sunset ranked first in TV binging and takeout, and second in lounge clothes. Surprising no one, the Marina ranked first in lounge clothes, second in takeout, and third in TV binging. Of the five neighborhoods, the Mission wins at life: residents in the hip 'hood ranked fourth in TV binging, and fifth in loungewear and takeout. The full breakdown is illustrated below.

Couch Potatoism

If you're ready to ditch your yoga pants for an outing —or at least tackle a group activity that warrants yoga pants— Eventbrite has a ten-day series of Yes Address events, (starting Saturday, February 28th), to lure you away from your living room. Don't worry— the Underwoods will be waiting for you when you get home.