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Help Buster Posey Become the Face of Major League Baseball

The Giants catcher is so close to winning the award


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Who do you think should be the next face of Major League Baseball? Is it Buster Posey— the Giants catcher, Rookie of the Year, and all-around adorable guy? Or is it some dude who plays for the Mets, which makes him —most remarkably— not a Giant?

KTVU reports that Posey is facing off against New York Mets third baseman, David Wright, in the final round of a contest to be the #FaceofMLB. Fans have until Thursday at 5 am to post #BusterPosey #FaceofMLB on Facebook and Twitter, and the winner will be announced Thursday at 6 am. Posey is currently trouncing Wright, 63% to 37%.

C'mon San Francisco. It's an odd-numbered year, so we can't count on a World Series championship. But if there's one thing San Francisco knows how to do, it's win social media. If Posey prevails, he joins fellow Bay Area athletes Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Curry in the realm of Internet sensations. Doesn't that warrant your Twitter vote?