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Why Everyone Wants the New Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble sold over 50,000 Pebble Time watches in less than two days


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The Apple Watch begins shipping this April, but that doesn't mean consumers will forget about Pebble. The Palo Alto-based startup launched its newest model, Pebble Time, on Tuesday, and Pebble has already sold over 50,000 watches and raised over $9.6 million. So what's with all the fuss?

For starters, there's a new color e-paper display that's easy to read and allows the watch's battery to last seven days. The watch is also waterproof (you can take it surfing, even), 20% thinner than the last model, and features a new microphone for voice replies.

All in all, it's an agile and compact device—and it works with any 22mm watch band (meaning, you can easily improve its style factor). Choose carefully before buying, knowing that the Apple Watch will land on doorsteps a month before the Pebble Time. Then again, the $179 Pebble price tag—available on Kickstarter in limited quantities—may help in the decision making process.