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Build Your Very Own Virtual Reality Viewer for Under $25

This VR viewer comes in a kit and is made of cardboard

Photos: DODOcase
Photos: DODOcase

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Watch 3D videos off the iPhone with your very own (and most likely, very first) virtual reality viewer from DODOcase. While the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 ($350) remains on the horizon for the general public, you can feed your 3D excitement with this much more affordable—albeit, much more basic—VR viewer. Unlike Google's DIY Cardboard viewer that only provides instruction to make your own box, DODOcase handcrafts all the pieces in SF and ships them out as a kit. (Plus the DODOcase viewer can be customized with an image or logo.)

Early feedback for the viewer is mixed. A common complaint is that the viewers are difficult to assemble, and users mention that the corresponding app needs more variety. Though the viewer is Android compatible, it seems to work best with an iPhone 5. But it's not all bad news: some reviewers suggest touring a city or riding a roller coaster in 3D through the device is worth the $25. At that price, there's not much to lose.