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Mr. Kim Kardashian Wants His Own Video Game

The hip hop mogul is following his wife into the digital world

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And even if Kim Kardashian is the last person in need of more compliments, she can feel a little smug that her husband wants something that she already has: a video game.

Last Saturday, Kanye West told a radio show on Power 105.1 that he's currently developing his own virtual experience, the SF Business Times reports. He doesn't dive into specifics, except that the ending will show his mother walking through "the gates of heaven."

There's no word yet if SF-based Glu Mobile (the developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) is behind Kanye's game, so we're anxious to see whether the matrimonial what's-yours-is-mine approach extends to video game developers. Since Kim's game makes upwards of $100,000 per day, it would make sense for the Kardashian-West partnership to continue with a company that can deliver the goods.

While we wait for more details on a game that ends with a Yeezus version of heaven, we have to give props to Kim for business savvy that gives even Kanye a run for the money.