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Betsey Johnson Wants to Meet You at Macy's This Weekend

The cartwheeling style icon will be chilling with fans in Union Square this weekend, and you can totally be there


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Last year, we asked Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer about her fashion gateway drug. "When I was 13, I was bat mitzvahed in Long Island... and I had to have a Betsey Johnson black tulle dress for my bat mitzvah dress," she recalled. "When everyone else was wearing a froufy white satin thing, I was like, 'No, I'm getting a velvet, scoop neck top, black ribbon, black tulle pouffy skirt from Betsy Johnson'. And I loved it. That was the end for me. I was into design from that point on."

Generations of women have similar stories of falling in love with a Betsey Johnson dress and knowing that no other frock would ever be as perfect. And if you want to share your own story with Betsey, she'll be at Macy's in Union Square on Saturday, February 28th, from 2—3:30pm to meet you and give you a few cartwheel pointers.

In anticipation of her visit, we asked the designer how much cartwheeling she does when she's not on a runway. (These are the kinds of questions that haunt our dreams, naturally.) Betsey says, "It can go from none to 20 a month. For example, [during] a photoshoot I have to do so many! It all depends on whats up."

Stop by the Macy's flagship on O'Farrell on Saturday to pick up the latest pieces from Betsey's line and get a photo with the designer. (Instagram, or it didn't happen, right?) You'll also receive VIP access with any Betsey Johnson purchase on February 28th and a gift with a $50 purchase of full-priced Betsey Johnson merchandise. Regardless of whether you shop, don't just lurk in the background. Betsey tells us that her favorite part of store appearances is getting a picture every single person and saying hi one-on-one with her fans


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