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This Just In: Gilt City Has a Discount on Manservants

Finally! A flash sale we can get excited about.

Gilt City
Gilt City

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Okay, so we're kinda obsessed with Manservants —you may have guessed that based on our extensive Q&A with the Ladies of Manservants last year— but we've never actually hired one. That's because the going rate for a hottie helper —$125 an hour— isn't cheap. But a discounted Manservant? That could be worth exploring. Enter, Gilt City. The flash sale site is offering two hours of Manservant services for $159 or four hours for $295. (That's a 36-41% discount.) If you're organizing a bachelorette party or a birthday get-together, here's your chance to save money on a handsome gentleman to do your PG-rated bidding. If you just want to wish your bestie a happy Galentine's Day, consider a video Mangram. For $13, (regularly $25), you can send someone a personalized, Manservant-made video to brighten her day. Just remember that discounted eye candy doesn't last forever: The deal ends February 9th and you must use your voucher by May 2nd.
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