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Stunning Photos of Candlestick Mid-Demolition; Inside SF's Most Expensive Mega-Manse; A Live-In Lava Lamp

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Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Lamar Anderson shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

Photo via Patricia Chang
BAYVIEW/HUNTERS POINT—As the demolition crews rolled into Candlestick Park, we took a last walk-through as the stadium began coming down around us.

SAN FRANCISCO—It's a truism that SF's population growth is vastly outpacing housing production, and now it's a truism with alarming infographics behind it.

SAN FRANCISCO—And so we remain unsurprised that San Francisco's median rent has topped New York's for the sixth month straight. We win yet again, and by win, we mean lose.

PACIFIC CITY, OREGON—It appears that Clarke Howatt, the accused embezzler who allegedly pocketed $1.3M from a San Francisco community fund, just relisted his ill-gotten vacation home for a profit.

EXCELSIOR—These people didn't have a master suite, so they converted their garage into skylit bedroom.

ALAMEDA—At this sci-fi take on a bungalow, the bedroom looks kind of like a live-in lava lamp.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—San Francisco's most expensive mega-manse is so vast it has two of everything, but just one indoor basketball court.

SAN FRANCISCO—Curbed SF is looking for a freelance contributor. Might that be you?