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This Six-Figure Valentine's Gift Is Less Bonkers Than It Sounds

$105,000 is a crazy amount to spend on Valentine's Day, but this isn't the worst way to spend it.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

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Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry in Menlo Park is partnering with the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort for an ultra-luxurious "Sapphire Love" Valentine's Day gift. Yes, the total cost is $105,000 —an admittedly staggering amount that most of us will never consider spending— but that includes roundtrip private airfare to Punta Mita, three nights' accommodations in the presidential suite (with your requisite private butler), a day cruise on the resort's luxury yacht, a beachfront dinner for two with a private mariachi band, and a 3.14 oval padparadscha sapphire ring. We did a little research and discovered that, all things considered, it's not a bad price... if you can afford it.

First, we started with the airfare. Punta Mita is approximately 1900 miles from San Francisco, so we looked up charter jet estimates on XOJet for comparable distances. An XOJet to Houston, which is also 1900 miles from SF, is $16,000 to $22,000, so we'll assume that the jet fees are similar. Already, this package seems more sensible. And of course we're choosing the pricier jet, because we want to be ballers.

Next, we took a look at the 3100 square foot suite, which is bigger than pretty much every San Francisco apartment. For the dates we checked, the presidential suite is $7,760 per night, (including taxes and fees), which brings the hotel total to $23,280. That's not including the resort extras like the mariachi band, private beachfront dinner, equipment rental, and yacht cruise— and you know those perks add up.

Then there's the ring from Stephen Silver. Google helped us find 3.14 oval padparadscha sapphire rings on Amazon and eBay priced around $18,000, but the ring with this package (1) is prettier, (2) has more diamonds, and (3) isn't on Amazon or eBay. So make allowances for the quality and extra ice.

Look, we're not saying this gift idea is a bargain or a steal— that's not happening when you're dealing with a Sand Hill Road jeweler and the St. Regis. But if you just sold your startup and you're ready to splurge on luxury, there are certainly worse ways to spend $105,000.

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