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Fiat Lux Unsheathes Designer Knives for Makers Competition

Some people create rings for Valentine's Day. These seven designers made decorative knives.

Photos: Fiat Lux
Photos: Fiat Lux

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Fiat Lux is taking an unusual approach to Valentine's Day this year with a bejeweled knife contest. As part of the store's Annual Makers Competition, designers Nick Potash, Lauren Wolf, Elizabeth Street, Digby & Iona, Daisy San Luis, Mother of Gideon, and the home team at Fiat Lux have created handmade knives worth $1,250 each. According to the good folks at the teensy Castro jewelry shop, "This is how Fiat Lux does Valentine's Day. No candy hearts. No cutesy. No hokey-ass love shit. Just bad-ass, radical knives."

Starting Wednesday, you can help pick the winner of the knife design competition and enter for a chance to win the most popular knife. From February 11th to 13th, vote on which knife you think is best. Your vote gets you one free entry into the raffle. You can also earn a raffle ticket with your Fiat Lux purchases between now and Friday. When you make a purchase, you'll get one ticket for purchases over $50, two tickets from purchases between $150 and $400, and three tickets for purchases over $400. You can have a total 4 entries in the raffle.

All of the designers will be on hand to chat about the knives in a totally non-threatening way during a special My Bloody Valentine party on Friday, February 13th, so don't forget to drop by the party at The Office above Churchill (194 Church Street) to dish on all the cutlery.

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