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Experts Predict Apple Will Tinker With Store Layouts for Apple Watch

The iconic, open floor plans may not be conducive for showcasing the luxury fashion item


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Apple stores are already in the realm of high-yield retail. A 2014 study from eMarketer reveals that Apple has surpassed even Tiffany's in sales per square foot of retail space. But voices in the industry believe that the tech giant needs to make some store changes to aid sales of the newly announced Apple Watch, set to release on April 24th. The SF Chronicle points to the company's decision to hire former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as Apple's new retail chief as a sign that Apple is shifting to a new retail experience.

"She will totally understand where the watch belongs on the selling floor," Chicago-based retail consultant Brian Kelly tells the publication. Other experts foresee challenges ahead for Apple when it jumps from selling technology to selling a fashion accessory, (albeit, a smart one).

The big question: How much will Apple change its stores' open and interactive interiors? Aside from a glass case that will likely house the floor samples of the watches, not much else is known of Apple's future plans. But if there is a makeover in the works, it probably has something to do with a $10,000 watch for sale.