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Freda Salvador's Latest Collection Touts the Fringe Benefits of Spring

The newest shoes are bursting with envy-inducing details

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"Are those Fredas?"

It's a question that San Franciscans asked in hushed, hopeful tones; as if mere proximity to the cool-girl footwear comes with its own street cred. Freda Salvador shoes have landed in blogs, magazines, and the runway, and the Spring 2015 collection serves as further proof that designers Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo Nelson know how to make boots and sandals that are both fashion-forward and effortless. The newest looks feature those removable fringe details that the line is famous for, as well as stacked-heel options for ladies who want extra height.

We've pulled a few photos of our favorites for the season above, but click with caution: Fredas can be habit-forming, and you might find yourself wanting the entire collection.