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This Eye Makeup Remover Will Wow You With Its Superpowers

Welcome to Esther Tested, where surfer and Racked SF associate editor Esther Hahn shares her best tips for fitness and beauty in the Bay.

Boots Botanics
Boots Botanics

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Ever since I started to use this eyelid primer in my makeup routine, I've realized the importance of an effective eye makeup remover. I know I mentioned earlier that I often reach for Johnson's baby oil to erase the color from my lids and lashes. But with increased applications —thanks to finding a smudgeproof makeup application— I began to notice more frequent breakouts near my eyes. Although I couldn't be sure that they were a result of the baby oil, I decided to find an alternative remover—one actually meant for the eyes.

A quick browse through my local Target led me to the Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover ($6.29) from Boots. Immediately, I liked the natural ingredients that promised to brighten, soothe, and condition eyes and lashes, in addition to removing waterproof products. It's a lot to promise, but a few tries later and I'm happy to report that this is my favorite remover, yet.

Unlike the others that I've tried in the past, this one hardly requires any harsh rubbing to work its erasing magic. And I can even notice a difference in puffiness the mornings after I use this formula. It can leave a slightly oily residue, but a quick rinse with water and a few pats of a towel make the feeling disappear.

It's hard to believe that so much eye help can come in one small bottle, but the solution holds up its end of the bargain. Shake it well before applying it to a cotton pad, and hold the saturated pad against your closed eye for a few seconds before gently swiping away liner, shadow, and mascara. Remember, removing your eye makeup is essential for eye health, (both inside and out), so don't wait to add this essential step to your beauty routine.