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A San Francisco Legend Reflects on a Century of Fashion

Former Chronicle reporter Grace Prien discusses the highs and lows of fashion over the last 100 years

Carolyne Zinko/San Francisco Chronicle
Carolyne Zinko/San Francisco Chronicle

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Grace Prien, a longtime reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, turned 100 this week. She's never had Botox. She eschews plastic surgery. She looks amazing. In other words, she's the woman most of us want to be at 100.

As a writer covering parties, interior design and cultural events from the 1950s–80s, Grace had access to the most stylish people and events in the city. Chatting with the Chronicle's Carolyne Zinko about fashion in the Bay Area over the last 100 years, Grace says that Balenciaga was her favorite designer for evening wear, ("I loved the shapes, and he used beautiful fabrics"), miniskirts are her least favorite trend of all time, and "pants are a godsend for old people."

For more fashion and beauty tips from this sassy centenarian, check out the full SFGate interview. Grace talks about the practicality of white gloves, her favorite makeup line, and her thoughts on Kim Kardashian, so it's definitely worth reading.