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Local Dude Earns $70 an Hour Folding T-Shirts

That's over six times the minimum wage


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Brian Schrier is one of TaskRabbit's Elite Taskers— the creme de la creme of the San Francisco-based company's on-demand workforce. And it's not a bad gig. Before you roll your eyes and turn your attention back to your desk job, consider this: this guy makes $150 an hour running errands for other people.

Brian tells Money, "I typically spend half the week living and working on my boat in Napa, and the other half in the city completing tasks." For that $150 rate, he'll tackle jobs ranging from shopping to carpentry and construction. Altogether, he earns about $6,000–$7,000 a month. Working part time. Once, a startup even paid him $70 an hour to fold t-shirts. "The company was desperate to get them folded before an event," he explains. "It taught me that if someone is desperate enough, they'll pay what they need to pay to get people to help."

The takeaways from this story: Taskers can make bank, and people who fold t-shirts for $11.05 an hour are doing life wrong.