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TurtleV Might Be the Most Baffling Top Ever Created

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We've officially reached peak hybrid garment


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Here are a few facts that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the world.

1. The TurtleV turtleneck/v-neck hybrid exists. (At least as a prototype.)

2. Almost 90 people have already forked over $4,000 to send the TurtleV into production.

3. It will cost $17,000 to bring this shirt into the world.

TurtleV's creators explain on Kickstarter, "We started on this journey two years ago trying to solve a simple problem for one of our designers: his chest would get hot while his neck was cold. That led to a larger question: why can't we be comfortable in fashionable clothes?"

Their solution is a "modern garment" that they describe as a "very fashionable" performance garment that can work on the golf course, in the office, or at the club. Like a sartorial incarnation of the mullet, the TurtleV offers both the neck warmth of a turtleneck and the easy, breezy openness of a v-neck.

TurtleV claims that theirs is "the only shirt you'll ever wear." We're not sure if that counts as a promise or a threat; either way, it sounds ominous.