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How Brit Morin Started Her DIY Empire

The Brit+Co founder talks everything from former internships to working under Marissa Mayer

Brit Morin
Brit Morin

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Brit Morin's rise through the tech ranks to start her own DIY-focused startup didn't happen overnight, and she's detailing her steps to success in this post for Cosmopolitan's blog series, Get That Life. She includes her college internships and her stint at Apple, but it's her experience working for Marissa Mayer at Google that appears to have made the most lasting impression—for both women.

"Marissa was my biggest mentor at Google," Brit writes. "I learned so much from her in an indirect way—just from being around her and being in meetings with her and learning how she delegates." She goes on to mention that Marissa eventually invested in Brit + Co. "We're driven in our own ways, and we both also got lucky in our own ways," Brit explains. We're not too sure how Marissa would respond to this statement, but at the very least, the tech mogul appears to have played a hand in Brit's approach to developing her multimillion-dollar company. So as this tech sisterhood grows, here's to hoping that more female-drive startups begin to appear.