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Oakland Takes a Page from the SFMade Book

The East Bay wants a "Made in Oakland" label. But what does it mean?

<a href="">Platinum Dirt</a> is just one of many Oakland apparel labels
Platinum Dirt is just one of many Oakland apparel labels

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Made in America labels have inspired domestic-production preferences, a Demi Lovato song, and oodles of hyperlocal copycats. Shoppers who want to support hometown manufacturing will pay a little extra for an item that was made in their backyard, which is why you see labels announcing that a garment was made in New York or LA. In the city, SFMade has been promoting the San Francisco maker scene with the SFMade label since 2010. Now, Oakland wants to mimic that model.

Oakland leaders are developing a "Made in Oakland" label for local products, the San Francisco Business Times reports. Currently, Oakland Makers and city leaders are trying define the criteria for the label, and considering "tiers," of Oakland-based production. Margot Prado, Senior Economic Development Specialist, explains to the publication that some companies might be based in Oakland and have an influence on the city's economy, but produce goods elsewhere; others might create, produce, and package in Oakland.

Oakland manufacturers could see the label by the end of the year, according to the Business Times. The decision-makers have already talked about design options, and the label can be distributed once everyone agrees on the "Made in Oakland" criteria.