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London Breed Summarizes SF Life in Bleakest Terms Possible

The city is filled with high-earning professionals who are pinching pennies

London Breed (left) at the 2015 Crunchies. Getty
London Breed (left) at the 2015 Crunchies. Getty

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Supervisor London Breed has been a longtime advocate for formula retail controls in San Francisco, and, as the newly-minted San Francisco Board of Supervisors President, she's targeting more than just the city's evolving retail sector. While Breed concedes that gentrification in neighborhoods like Western Addition and Hayes Valley has produced cosmetic improvements, she expresses concerns to San Francisco magazine about the impact of such changes on those with fewer financial resources.

"I love the city and I don't want to leave, but it is really expensive to live here. Buildings are built that are not affordable—not even to me, a member of the Board of Supervisors," Breed tells the magazine. "I make a six-figure salary, and I have a roommate. I shop at Ross. I clip coupons. What does that say? It's too expensive to build here. Period. That's a problem."

In other words, San Francisco is so pricey that Breed, one of the most vocal champions of small business, has to shop at a discount chain. Mull that over while you look at your savings account and cry.