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Paul McCartney's DJ Designed Clothes to Protect Your Privacy

Betabrand's new Flashback collection features a suit, a hoodie, a scarf, and a hat


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Whether you're trying to sneak around town incognito or just trying to bike home in the dark, Betabrand's new Flashback collection can help you achieve your goals. The fabric, which is coated with intensely reflective glass nanospheres, is used for safety gear, but DJ Chris Holmes found another use for the material: paparazzi deterrent. Okay, so it would only work at low light when the photo hounds resort to using flash, but night seems like an appropriate time to dodge prying lens, (iPhones, included).

Betabrand is hosting crowdfunding campaign for five items in the textile—suit separates, a hat, a hoodie, and a scarf—though only the hoodie and the scarf have hit their funding targets. (The scarf design would make for some fun photo shoots in the dark.) Regardless of the futures of the latter three, the hoodie will come in handy for those late night bike rides home and the scarf is a must-have for upcoming festivals. If the time ever comes when you have to avoid the flashing lights, at least you'll be prepared.