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It Only Takes 192 BART Tickets to Make an Eco-Friendly Party Dress

How do you make a frock out of transit tickets? With transparent nylon thread and patience

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Bay Area gals are kinda addicted to their striped spring maxi dresses, recycling the pattern —if not the actual dress— every time the sun comes out. But for those who really want to up their eco-friendly apparel game, an Oakland designer has created an entire striped dress from old BART tickets.

Sean C. Porter's b'ART cocktail dress is inspired by the line and design of the BART tickets. "I wanted to invoke the feeling of precision by tactfully placing each ticket together to create the symmetrical bodice," he explains on his website. BARTable reports that Porter spent three years saving enough tickets to create the dress.

You can view the b'ART dress in person at Piedmont Fabric (4009 Piedmont Avenue) in Oakland. It will be on display until the end of March.

Bart Dress

Piedmont Fabrics

4009 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611, USA