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Does Madison Bumgarner's Axe-Wielding Make You Want to Buy Clothes?

MadBum can sell Jockeys. Will his magic extend to workwear?


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Madison Bumgarner celebrated his 2014 World Series win with a Jockey deal, and thousands of screaming fans trying to get their hands on his underwear. But after the excitement of his MVP title subsided, MadBum had the chance to return to his family ranch and chop down a tree. And Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa caught the trip back home on film for workwear brand Carhartt.

In this ad documentary thought piece, the Giants pitcher swings his axe on the homestead while ruminating on the merits of hard work. In the one minute video, Bumgarner makes it clear that he has a zero-tolerance policy for dainty hands. "Working with my hands is a big deal for me," he explains. "I can't stand having sissy hands; soft hands."

Watch the full video below, and decide for yourself if callouses make for a better spokesman.