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Olio Is Betting That the Apple Watch Is All Wrong

This San Francisco smart watch startup is making beautiful, water-resistant wrist computers.

Can your smart watch do this? Photo: Olio
Can your smart watch do this? Photo: Olio

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This will be the year of the smart watch, with the Apple Watch finally coming to a wrist near you, and every other wearable maker attempting to capitalize on the frenzy. But Olio, a local smart watch startup, is eschewing Apple's app-happy philosophy for a more streamlined approach. Steve Jacobs, the company's CEO, tells Fast Company that he thinks the entire smartwatch category will migrate away from apps over time. That's why Olio is designed to give you everything you need to stay connected in a single interface. Swipe left to see what's coming up. Swipe right to see what you've missed.

Olio gets points for being pretty and water resistant, but it's even more expensive than the entry-level Apple Watch: $595 or $745, depending on which material you choose. Our friends at The Verge have all the deets on the design, weight, and why Olio doesn't include health tracking technology. Before you drop $600 on your pre-order, check out their review.