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The Sexiest Woman Alive Descends Upon Union Square Tonight

Kate Upton will be partying with the area's biggest bloggers at the Express Spring Fling


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Kate Upton, (model, actress, and People's Sexiest Woman Alive),  will be at Express in Union Square tonight, March 3rd, from 6–9pm for the store's annual Spring Fling party. If you've ever tried to attend one of these model meet-and-greets, you know that you'll be lucky to get a handshake and a blurry selfie with Kate amid the throngs of fans, but that doesn't mean that you have to leave the store without a healthy dose of style advice.

A handful of Northern California's most notable bloggers —Alicia Lund (Cheetah Is the New Black), Anh Sundstrom (9 to 5 Chic), Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam), Krystal Bick (This Time Tomorrow), and Jessica R (Hapa Time) are joining the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model for the party. If you show up to shop, just pester them for their expert styling advice when you can't decide what to buy. Or just buy everything; the store will be offering 25% off during the event tonight.

There's no mention of Express's new men's ambassador Stephen Curry making an appearance, so we'll assume that he needs his rest before the Warriors' Wednesday game against the Bucks. Regardless, a model and five bloggers should be enough star power for a Tuesday.


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