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Shirt Just Got Real: TurtleV Is Fully Funded

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The TurtleV is coming! The TurtleV is coming!


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Earlier this month, we told you about the most baffling garment ever created. In case you missed it, the TurtleV is a men's knit turtleneck-V-neck hybrid for those who require the openness of a v-neck and the neck warmth of a turtleneck. But when we introduced this item, it was merely a dream in search of crowdsourced funding. Weeks later, 110 folks pitched in more than $17,000 to bring this shirt to life. (If you've ever doubted the idea that any idea can get funding in the Bay Area, you probably feel pretty foolish right now.)

Ladies, your own TurtleV isn't far behind. The company assures us via Twitter that the women's version is in the works. Hooray for equality?