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Leave It to Tech to Make Weddings More Manageable

IFTTT is creating quick fixes for all those time-guzzling tasks

Photo: <a href="http://www.evynnlevalley.com/">Evynn LeValley</a>
Photo: Evynn LeValley

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Brides today have all the luck. Weddings may be logistical nightmares, but at least tech is making it easier for couples to avoid a matrimonial planning meltdown. Phone cameras have replaced those Kodak disposables at receptions. Instagram and Facebook make it easy to find the perfect picture if the hired photog fails. And apps can save you hours on the organizational front. That's where IFTTT comes in.

IFTTT, (if this then that), lets you set up a "recipe" that will give you greater control over the apps and services you're using to manage the big day. There are options for migrating email to Google Drive, adding to do lists to Evernote, and winning at calendaring without even trying. There's even an option to automatically download Facebook photos that you're tagged in (or Instagram photos with your #hashtag) automatically to Dropbox. No more hunting across your apps. With a few quick clicks, you'll actually come across as a tech-savvy grownup.

Don't fret if you're already hitched or not walking down the aisle anytime soon: anyone could use the IFTTT as a lifehack. But for brides? It's a lifesaver.