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Do You Want to Wear the Same Pants for the Next 25 Years?

These built-to-last pants are the antithesis of disposable clothing

RPMWest. Photo: <a href="">Kickstarter</a>
RPMWest. Photo: Kickstarter

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RPMWest's rugged, cotton-twill pants probably won't land you on a street style blog, but they're not bad looking. Available for pre-order in khaki, forest green, stone grey and charcoal, this is a safe pair of trousers, if that's your thing. So why do non-offensive pants warrant your attention? Because this particular style is guaranteed to last for 25 years.

The San Francisco-based brand, which has only offered denim in the past, is expanding its offerings via Kickstarter with Quarter Century Pants. The fabric is a 3-ply cotton, the trimmings are made of 100% military grade copper, and all of the high-stress points on the pants (like the hips and the crotch) are reinforced to ensure that each pair lives up to the practically-indestructible promise. Best of all, the pants are only $85, which comes out to $3.40 per year for the duration of the guaranty. If you like to justify purchases through a cost-per-wear analysis, this would be a solid bet.

The pants are way beyond fully-funded through Kickstarter, with 10 days left in the campaign. If you want to be an early-adopter, you can order now and (most likely) receive your own pair in May.