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Meet the Tech Couple Who Ditched Their Condo for an Airstream; Will Tiny House Villages Catch On?

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Lamar Anderson shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

Preliminary image of the Four Lights Houses village courtesy of Jay Shafer
Preliminary image of the Four Lights Houses village courtesy of Jay Shafer

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SoMa—Tired of feeling squeezed by SF's cost of living, a former Twitter employee and her husband ditched their condo and moved into an Airstream.

MISSION—Developers want to build 330 units in the Mission; neighborhood critics would rather they not. Which is how a roomful of people ended up yelling at PowerPoint slides.

BERKELEY—This woman lived in self-storage. Literally. Her apartment was in a self-storage facility.

SAN FRANCISCO—The median list price for a one-bedroom now stands at a record $3,460. Also? The new Avalon Hayes Valley is advertising a studio for $3,835/month.

BAY AREA—Tiny houses are all the rage, but is the Bay Area ready for its own tiny house village?

SAN FRANCISCO—On this infographic that maps the locations of SF's singles by gender, it's all about the east end boys and west end girls.

SOUTH BEACH—San Francisco's most expensive property is a $49 million penthouse condo at Lumina. It's the equivalent of eight normal condos—perhaps to the vexation of the rank-and-file millionaires who snapped up all the lower-floor units.

SAN FRANCISCO—Please enjoy this short history of earthquake shacks, San Francisco's original tiny houses.