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Design the Prada Pumps You Wish Miuccia Would Make

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Think you can do Prada better than Prada? You'll have a chance to find out this weekend when the brand's Made To Order Décolleté pumps service stops in San Francisco. The program is traveling to eight different markets around the US this year, and will be available at the Union Square Prada boutique (201 Post Street) from May 15th-May 17th.

The service includes eight décolleté, open toe styles with and without platform, on six heel heights. You can choose from suede, satin, kid, Saffiano print, patent leather, crocodile, ostrich and snakeskin in a variety of colors. The iconic Prada prints —octagon, lily and tulip— are available in Saffiano print patent leather and duchesse satin. For the crocodile and kid styles, choose between a classic or rosebud print lining. Shoes can be further personalized with your choice of sole color (black, lily-of-the valley or light blue) and monogrammed initials underneath the Prada logo. Custom shoes start at $780.

Orders take approximately 60 days to arrive, and will come to you in an extra-pretty shoebox. (You even get to choose the packaging!) If you're on the fence about splurging on custom shoes, keep this in mind: a percentage of proceeds from this weekend's sales will benefit Komera, a not-for-profit organization that develops self-confident young women through education, community and sport in rural Rwanda. New shoes never felt so good, right?


201 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108