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Sidle On Up to the Fashion Blogger Sidewalk Sale on Saturday

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If ever there was a sidewalk sale you'd want to go to, it would be this one, hosted by superstar blogger Bryn Newman of Stone Fox Style and a few of her equally stylin' blogger compadres. Saturday's Fashion Blogger Sidewalk Sale is available for frenzied treasure hunting and buying from 10am to 2pm on Church Street, between  Cesar Chavez and 27th Street.

Bringing the boutique to the street as they say, you'll find a cool assortment of on-trend, swoon-inducing clothing and accessories straight from the closets of Bryn, Michaela D'Artois of Vérité Published, Alexandra Bigley of SF Shop Girl, and Carlina Harris of Allergic to Vanilla. Fab finds at affordable prices plus lemonade and donuts. Done, done and done.

Please don't show up before 10am, asks a polite Bryn, who also suggests putting your name on the brunch list at nearby Chloe's Café so you can enjoy the yummy banana-walnut pancakes after you've shopped and you're ready to, ya know, chow down.

Event is free but RSVP here.

27th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

27th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA